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ETU Presents “Continuum” Collection on International Fashion Showcase, London Fashion Week

Supported and organized by, an e-commerce enterprise in Muslim fashion, BEKRAF Indonesia, and the British Council, ETU as one of the four Indonesian designers participating in the International Fashion Showcase of the LWF 2016, presents her “Continuum” collection at the campaign.
Originally prepared for “Beginning Ethical Fashion” project on Jakarta Fashion Week 2016, Continuum was inspired by a science fiction of post-apocalyptic Earth far in the future. The collection is intended as a critique on societal issues caused by irresponsible clothing industry.  It addresses consumerism, environmental problems, waste management, human impact on the environment, and risks to human civilization and the planet Earth. During the brainstorming, ETU research team worked with the help and support of one of the most leading chemical company in Japan, Asahi Kasei, by supplying 100% biodegradable and zero-waste cupro fiber, BEMBERG. The most interesting part of the whole design process is the fact that the collection was hugely inspired by the spacetime concept of Einstein’s General Relativity Theory and the animated movie, Wall-E, 2008.
“The Continuum” Story

Once upon a time in the future, Earth is long abandoned and covered in lots of garbage leftover from decades of mass consumerism facilitated by the greedy and irresponsible corporations. Humans are “eating away at our own life support systems” at a rate unseen in the past thousands of years by degrading land and freshwater systems, emitting greenhouse gases, and releasing vast amounts of harmful chemicals into the environment. Our lives, our nations, our future are become so toxic and danger. Earth has become one ginormous landfill, so cluttered and polluted that it cannot sustain organic life anymore.

An Environmental Task Unit, called ETU, is sent back to the past to warn the mankind and to prevent the disaster without causing disturbances in the space-time continuum. Before ETU travels to the past, the future government says:

“You can think of the Earth like a battery that has been charged very slowly over billions of years. You have to tell them that the sun’s energy is stored in plants and fossil fuels, but humans are draining energy much faster than it can be replenished. Warn and let them know the truth. There is never time in the future in which we will work out our salvation. The challenge is in the moment; the time is always now.”

ETU then realizes that the language that every human easily understand is the language of fashion in the clothing we are wearing. ETU think that fashion is the gift from God to the first human being as a protection against sin. The protection against temptation that thrown out human from the heaven. ETU believes that the disaster will be prevented if human understand that the fashion they wear, had even a touch of the modesty, the respect for human dignity; fashion that is sustainable for the future.

“The Continuum” Concept

In this Beginning Ethical Fashion collection, ETU introduces a Japanese technology fabric from cupro fiber; Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei Fiber Corporation. A 100% biodegradable fabric that returns to nature and gentles to the environment. The collection employs fabric manipulation technique, called “smocking”, by using hand stitching and experienced craftsmanship to create areas of tension and release in the fabric. This results in very sculptural effects and complex pattern on some details at this collection. We carefully create the structure in different effects by marking out the fabric using dots or a grid, and stitching it by hand.

The smocking technique causes unique formation in both sides, creating double effects at front and at the back of the fabric; here comes the concept of “continuum”. ETU wants people to think that the clothing people wear actually has a double meaning: the fashion itself, and the true cost of resources and energy use behind that fashion. In this collection, ETU makes flowery and leafs effects to remind people that we have a responsibility to use and to produce fashion sustainably and ethically. A fashion that is responsible to the environment and sustainable for the future.

Fabric & Accessories

Bemberg™ Cupro Fiber by Asahi Kasei; A 100% biodegradable fabric created with the aid of science.
Linen; Linen is very absorbent and valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather.
Ramie Fiber; Ramie fiber is very durable, is pure white in color and has a silky luster. Extremely absorbent and therefore comfortable to wear especially during warm weather.
Cotton 100%
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